Development & Project Management

The group focuses on developing and executing solutions that yield the lowest possible occupancy costs. This is accomplished through established processes; seamless integration of service providers; proven methodologies; and the preservation of a competitive cost environment. The end result is a fully scrutinized and documented solution with quantitative and qualitative benefits.

Value through leverage

Our Project Management professionals are facility and building experts. Armed with in-depth knowledge and experience, HMG’s building and infrastructure forensic investigations yield negotiation points that are leveraged during the negotiation stages of a real estate transaction.

Credentialed Expertise

HMG hires the most qualified professionals available in the industry. HMG’s Project Management practice consists of seasoned professionals with an average of 10 years experience, versed in the fields of architecture, construction, development, engineering, technology, accounting and property management.


Project Management Services
  • Strategic Facility Plannings
  • Project & Cost Management
  • Development Management Services
  • Energy Consulting
  • Technology Consulting
Project Types
  • Consolidation
  • Relocations
  • Restacks and Renewals
  • Remodels or Reconfigurations
  • Portfolio of Real Estate
  • Campus Developments
  • New buildings