“How can I know if I am ready to record?”

If you have a strong desire for singing/writing songs and you tend to do this every spare moment of your day, you are at the first step. If you’re willing to work hard, accept criticism, and you have singing and/or song writing talent, then I’d say you are ready to take that leap of faith. We’ll make sure you get the best Vocal Coach to help polish and perfect your vocal performances so that you go home happy with a finished recorded project with your best, most commercial songs.

“Are you a manager?”

No, we act as your Agent to represent your songs and/or Artist(s) package to the Labels, Management Companies, etc. However, we do have Management contacts for those who have a music career to manage.

“Am I too old to get a major label deal?”

No one can tell you that you’re “too old”. Everyone has the right to dream and to work toward making his or her dreams come true. But in the Recording Industry, trying to be the next big star needs to be addressed on a realistic basis. You’ve got to be unique, talented, and willing to work hard. It can be more difficult the older you are, because you may not fit the mold, or the current profile of what labels are signing.

Look around you and who are the biggest stars, how old are they, and what do they look like? It’s a tough industry to break into, even if you have all the right ingredients. And right now, more than ever before, it seems to be more of a Youth driven industry with the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift leading the pack.

But if you have a unique voice, great song presence, and passion for entertaining, there are always exceptions to the rule. It’s the overall package that matters and at HMG, we’ll work hard to make sure you have the tools that will provide you the best chance to be seen and heard by the Music Industry Professionals. We make sure your songs are marketable; you have a great look, and an excellently produced demo package that best represents you as an Artist.

“Can my band play on the recording session?”

Yes. We have found that most Bands, although play great live, do not produce in a studio setting, in which case we do not recommend that the Band play on their session. Professional studio session musicians will make a huge difference in the quality of your production. The time spent in the studio will provide you a more polished professional product to shop to the Labels.

“Can you shop music to the Record Labels?”

Yes! Once you have a great demo and artist package why stop there? We normally shop it to record labels and our other Music Industry contacts for at least 12 months.

“Can I record my own songs?”

Of course you can, however, we critique your work to be sure your songs are marketable so that your money is being utilize correctly and invested wisely. We are more than eager to listen to what you have and provide a free consultation.

“I can record a demo here in my hometown. Why should I come and record with your Network of Industry Professional?”

True. But will this recording get the attention you need to advance your career? The answer to that question will probably be “no”. Our Company is based in the heart of New York City, which provides you ample opportunity with the convenience of being the World’s Greatest City.

We record all styles of music here from Pop to R&B, Country and Alternative. First, we all need to remember that your goal is performance. Your success or failure in getting gigs will depend on your recording presence.

“How much does it cost to work with HMG?”

HMG hires only the most experienced Music Business Professionals in their fields. Our staffs are pre-qualified Experts who know how to work with our Clients, determine their needs and advance their careers.

We will give you the best demo and presentation to shop to the Record Labels within your budget. The price can be customized to fit your budget by altering such things as which studio we utilize, which Producers we hire, whether or not we need to hire an outside Vocal Coach or a Live Performance Coach and if you need a photo/video shoot, etc. The rates also vary between producing a demo and producing a master recording.

“What is not included in your budgets?”

Travel and lodging is all that is NOT included. Everything else, such as the co-writing sessions, Production (Studio time, Musicians, background vocals, Producer’s fee and Mastering) and for Artists photos, Electronic Press Kit, and Vocal Coaching plus shopping the material/Artist to the Labels is all included in your total budget package.

“Is a deposit required?”

Yes, although we offer free evaluation/consultation, once we commit to working with you, your deposit shows you are committed as well. We require a deposit before booking the Studio, Producer, Engineer, Vocal Coach, Photographer, etc. We always provide you with a contract for our services.

“Will you finance my project?”

No! We are not a Record Label, so we do not absorb the cost of developing an Artist. We can work with you on accepting payment plans as you work on each phase of the development process.

“How do I get started?”

Submit your demo and we will give you a free consultation valued at $750/hr.

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