Pro Tools Training @ Pioneer Works (Red Hook Brooklyn)

Pro Tools Productivity Class 1

$100 – ($80 Class & $20 Materials & Content)

Duration – 4 hrs

This class is designed to be an introduction to Avid’s Pro Tools DAW Software and how to increase your productivity. It will cover basic navigation, basic shortcut usage, session setup, session templates and basic editing techniques.

This class is for beginners to experienced Pro Tools users. Artists, Producers, Musicians, Songwriters and Engineers will all be able to enjoy this unique class.

Class Outline

  1. Introduction
  • Using Pro Tools
  • Tools and Modes
  • Navigation
  • Shortcuts
  • Basic Editing Techniques


  1. Session Setup
  • Session Template
  • Preferences
  • Beat Mapping

Class Requirements

You can bring in your laptops with Pro Tools 10 or 11 installed to follow along with the class lesson. For more experienced Pro Tools users your laptop is optional. This class will provide worksheets and media to support content.